Thursday 10 July 2014


Joint Submission Includes To
The Canada Truth & Reconciliation Commission
The United Nations Special Rapporteur On The Rights Of  Indigenous Peoples

"Siem'stum" is Coast Salish Hul'qumi'num language for "respect". And, it is unwise to live in its absence.

It is alleged, herein, that such disrespect has been the evident, historical and continued role of the House of Windsor - and its titular head Elizabeth II as monarch - in Canada with regard to Original indigenous Peoples; wherein, unjust enrichment has been garnered at the expense of children of the host nations of custom and tradition. (Submission To UNSC 19082013).
Surviving historical records clearly attest to the implemented strategies of genocide and germ warfare as being waged upon Original indigenous Peoples in order to diminish populations; and, therein, to succeed in squatting upon and seizing lands through illicit claims of establishing government.
Terra Nullius : Since before the 1953 Coronation of Elizabeth II - and as supra - it has been the historical agenda of the English colonialists to colour the Original Indigenous Peoples of the Turtle Islands [the Americas] as not being human beings capable of possession and governance of lands. The 1400's Catholic Papal Bulls Inter Caetera and Romanus Pontifex [and, with preceding 1095 edicts] ensured dominion of the Pope's authority over the reign of European monarchs - with specific indictment of these monarch's to Hell in the event of non-compliance of collegial affiliation and promotion of these Catholic Church enactments.
In a series of events since 1775 - and, in particular, 1923 - Original indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island North of the 49th parallel emissaries on behalf of these continued sovereign nations have delivered decrees of breaches of agreements to the English / British monarch's, parliaments; and, in more modern eras, to the League of Nations - to no avail.
The prescribed mission of the Hudson's Bay Company was to ensure that the natives were intoxicated in order to ensure a more lucrative trade relationship [the Royal Letters Patent creating the 1670 HBC Charter did not entitle the company to acquire lands - and, was destined in 1698 to become null and void][per JEF].
And, the governing authorities of the colonies were dedicated to seize children; and, therein, to dissolve their customs and traditions through brute force at the Indian Residential and day Schools; which did not close out until 1996.
Hence, through this Windsor principle of hegemony, Elizabeth II has inherited and continued these practises through her agents in this unjust enrichment campaign. - despite the international declarations of the fundamental human rights - to which she and her dominion members of state have subscribed through the UN Charter obligations.
This Indictment of Elizabeth II is warranted by the strictures and compulsions ingrained in her 1953 Coronation Oath. There is no rightful claim of Royal exemption - either in United Kingdom law; nor, at the international judicial tribunals.

And, it is within the jurisdiction of public duty for the integrity of the administration of justice that this matter of indictment shall be prosecuted in order to ensure that international organizations such as the United Nations may possess continued public endorsement.

Thank you for proceeding to the Indictment Statement.