Elizabeth II, having publicly accepted the 1953 Coronation Oath duties of office as Monarch, has - by 1000s of public and private statements of fact - breached her undertaking, therein, in absence of just or good cause, to the specific detriment of 100s of thousands of Original indigenous Peoples children within her claimed dominion of Canada - including, but not limited to knowingly authorizing the hegemonic Indian Residential and  Day School institutions.
These evident criminal acts of victimizations have continued into these current days through wanton acts of neglect to provide state-funded independent, competent legal counsel of choice to these said Original victims and their families and progenies; wherein, Canada's Indian Residential and Day School policies have now established the legacies of  penal incarceration [+60% men; and, +25% women] as the alternatives to eradicating land title and paramount governance indigenous claims. (see chart below)
The Elizabeth II evident unjust enrichment policies of claiming land titles has continued to deny Original indigenous Peoples access to properties for maintenance of traditional and customary lifestyles of choice; resulting in indigenous homelessness and subjection to expulsion from residences off reserve via the federal and provincial "Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods" acts - which conduct secret trials; at which the respondent indigenous person is denied the fundamentals of natural justice.
By custom and tradition, as defined within the individual sovereign territory where the alleged offence occurs.
Prosecution proceeds in the public interest.
On behalf of justice and mercy, so help us God and Creator.

Chart 7
Aboriginal adult admissions to custody, by province and territory, 2010/2011

BRITISH COLUMBIA & NUNAVUT INFO NOT AVAILABLE TO STATS CANADAChart 7 Aboriginal adult admissions to custody, by province  and territory, 2010/2011